Rugby Chinese Christian Fellowship (Bible Study Group) was established in early 2012. It is a non-denominational, biblical fellowship based in Rugby.

The purpose of this fellowship is to enable Chinese Christians in Rugby area to communicate with each other in Chinese, learn and live out the truths of the Bible together, and grow together in the grace of the Lord. At the same time, it will preach the love of God to the Chinese in Rugby and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, care for them, so that they can have the opportunity to know God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and experience God’s unconditional love firsthand, so that the Rugby Chinese Christian Fellowship can become a spiritual home for more Chinese, sharing the love and grace of God.

Currently, the fellowship includes Sunday worship gatherings, Bible study discussions, theme activity sharing or watching gospel videos, etc. Other Activities include spring outings, autumn outings, Christmas parties and children's sacred music performances. In addition to the formal fellowship activities, the group members also carry out some informal activities such as outings, dinners, visits, birthday parties, group interactions and so on.

With the love of God, the Rugby Chinese Christian Fellowship is a big family that cares for and helps each other. Everyone prays for each other and encourages each other with their lives. This is attracting more people around them to come closer to God and to know the grace of our Lord. We sincerely welcome new friends to join us, study the Bible together, and enjoy the peace and joy in the Lord together.

Fellowship Mandate:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Sunday Service
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Rugby United Reform Church, 40 Hillmorton Road, Rugby CV22 5AD

Sunday Night Bible Study
Time:18:30 start
Meeting ID: 356 868 245
Wednesday, Thursday Afternoon Lady Bible Reading Group
Meeting ID: 893 2286 4925
Password: 989066

Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting   
Time:18:30 --19:30
Meeting ID: 999 752 3309

Li Xiang Liu 劉禮祥弟兄 07957625678
Benjamin ho 何漢彬弟兄 07771850842

Notes for Participating in Worship
Before coming to church:
➢ If you test positive for Covid or show any Covid symptoms (loss of smell or taste, high temperature Cough,
    fever and other symptoms), please do not come to church for the time being.
Entering the church:
➢ You need to wear a mask from entering to leaving the church
➢ Fill in your name and phone number.
➢ Use the table cleaning station to clean hands.
➢ Go directly to the main hall, after finding a seat, please walk as little as possible.
➢ Maintain social distancing unless from the same family.
➢ Worship leader and interpreter, preacher and interpreter can take off their masks on stage, but keep from
    each other at least 1 meter distance.
➢ The congregation can participate in singing, but cannot remove the mask.
➢ After using the toilet facilities, use detergent to clean your hands.
➢ The church will provide individually packaged Holy Communion packages.
➢ No refreshments are provided. If you need it, please bring your own snacks or drinks. Please take home
    with you any waste.
➢ Try to use outdoor space as much as possible for individual socializing time before or after Sunday worship.
Leaving the church:
After leaving the church:
➢ If you develop any symptoms or test positive for Covid after attending the church, please notify us or your
    group leader


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