Guideline for attending any church activities (from 17th Dec onward):

  • Everyone including adults and children will need to do a flow test the day before attending the church
  • Please do not come if test positive, or show symptoms of Covid
  • Use NHS apps as much as you can on arrival to the building, or show your name only for the welcoming team to write down (preferably using your mobile phone to show your names)
  • Cleaning as usual as you enter the church building
  • Face mask on at all time when in Church
  • One way in and the other way out of the building via the back door


Guidelines for those attending church for physical meetings on Sundays
Issued on: 28th Aug 2021

Before you come to church:

  • Please do not come to church if you have been tested positive for Covid, or show any symptoms of Covid (loss of smell, taste, high temperature, cough, fever like

Entering the church

  • Wear face covering at all times from entering to leaving the church building
  • Please let the welcome team know your name and telephone no. if you can’t scan the NHS QR code
  • Clean your hands using the cleansing station on the desk
  • Directly enter the main hall, settle down and please remain seated as much as you can

When in the church

  • Wear face covering
  • Keep social distance except those from the same household
  • Worship leaders & interpreters, preachers & interpreters can take off their face
    covering when on the stage but keep at least 1 meter distance from each other
  • The congregation can join in singing but with mask on
  • Clean your hands using the cleansing station after you use the toilet facilities
  • Individually packed Holy Communion kits will be provided
  • There will be no provision for refreshment, please bring your own snacks or drinks if you wish. Please take away any waste for disposal at home.

Fellowship time before or after the Sunday services, as you wish:

  • Use outdoor spaces, ie, the garden next to the church building and near the main gate
  • Wear face covering
  • Keep social distance except those from the same household

Leaving the church

  • Leave the church through the back door (through the dinning hall) to the garden and to the main gate (follow the signs)

After leaving the church

  • Inform the Council or your group leaders if you show any symptoms or test positive
    for Covid following your attending to church

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